Our Projects

Since its establishment in January 1996, Arencon Security Establishment (originally trading as Arenco Security Division) has completed many prestigious projects in the field of electronic security and related systems, some of which are outlined below (note that for reasons of client confidentiality some VVIP & military projects cannot be mentioned).

  • Client: Seef Properties
  • Project: Seef & Isa Town Malls
  • Year: 1996 – to 2009
  • Value: BD 425,000/-

Since the first phase of Seef Mall was constructed in 1996, Arencon Security Est. has been awarded all the CCTV and intrusion detection work associated with Seef Mall and it’s many extensions and other buildings in the Seef Development and the existing Isa Town Mall. The project scope includes perimeter intruder detection using long-range passive infra-red technology, door contacts at perimeter doors and extensive CCTV coverage with both fixed and PTZ cameras located inside and outside the buildings. The two most recent extensions (Seef Tower office block and East Multi-storey Car Park) incorporate digital CCTV recording connected to the Seef Properties WAN. The penultimate phase completed in 2003 included replacing the multiplexers & VCRs associated with the early phases with digital video recording and replacing existing monochrome cameras with colour. Recorded camera count was over 130. The latest phase (Seef West Expansion) added a further 160 cameras to bring the total camera count to 290.

  • Client: Bahrain Government
  • Project: VIP Villa
  • Year: 1996
  • Value: Confidential

A fibre-optic based perimeter intrusion detection system for a VIP individual’s residence. The system uses Remsdaq’s Sabrefonic equipment to protect the outer perimeter of a landscaped area outside the walls of the main villa compound. Since CCTV surveillance was not feasible for reasons of privacy, a PIDS solution offering an absolute minimum of nuisance alarms was required since an armed response team had to react to any intrusion annunciation.

  • Client: DHL
  • Project: RDC expansion
  • Year: 1997/1998
  • Value: BD 17,000/-

The project involved expanding and upgrading an existing access control & CCTV system originally installed by Others in the early 1990’s at the DHL Regional Distribution Centre at Bahrain Airport. The work comprised connecting additional doors to the access control system in the new building extension as well as installing turnstiles in the enlarged Main Gatehouse. CCTV cameras were added to the existing system and a high-resolution high-speed multiplexer was also incorporated.

  • Client: Arab Banking Corporation
  • Project: Access Control System
  • Year: 2000
  • Value: BD 30,000

An access control system covering 40 doors in a 10-story building at the Diplomatic Area. The proximity system reporting to an NT-based front end replaced a system based on magnetic-stripe technology installed in the 1980’s and which was obsolete and unreliable. An off-site disaster recovery computer room suite was also incorporated into the system using the existing WAN link between it and the main bank premises. The project was executed mostly outside normal working hours to minimize disruption to normal bank operation.

  • Client: AMA University
  • Project: CCTV system
  • Year: 2007/2008
  • Value: BD 16,000/-

Supply and installation of a 45-camera CCTV surveillance system covering the interior and exterior of the AMA University new campus at Salmabad.

  • Client: Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill Co.
  • Project: Digital recording of CCTV
  • Year: 2001 – to 2008
  • Value: BD 147,000/-

Provision of a digital recording system covering existing process-monitoring CCTV cameras and provision of additional general surveillance cameras in the process areas. A number of phases have been implemented from 2001 onwards. All camera to video server and video server to head-end transmission is implemented using fiber-optic cables for maximum noise immunity in an industrial environment. A total of 105 cameras are currently included in the system and authorized users can access live & recorded pictures via the Garmco LAN. The system presently contains over 2,500GB of digital storage capacity.

  • Client: Bahrain Airport Services (Cargo Terminal).
  • Project: Upgrading & Digital recording of CCTV
  • Year: 2001/2
  • Value: BD 22,000/-

Extensive refurbishment of an existing CCTV system installed in 1997, including replacement of sub-standard components and implementation of a central monitoring facility based on up to date technology and digital recording techniques. All authorized management personnel have access to live or archived CCTV recordings via the existing WAN implemented throughout the company and its various sites.

  • Client: Bahrain Convention & Exhibitions Bureau
  • Project: CCTV system for Bahrain International Exhibition Centre
  • Year: 2002/2003/2004/2005
  • Value: BD 43,000/-

Supply and installation of a CCTV surveillance system with digital recording facilities. The initial phase incorporated 32 static color cameras covering the main exhibition halls (Hall 1 & Hall 2) and the Link Building which was under construction during performance of the work, thus requiring a phased commissioning of Hall 1 and Hall 2 separately, followed by the Link Building. The system was intended mainly for management information and was not permanently monitored. Subsequent phases replaced some of the static dome cameras in the Halls with PTZ domes and added external PTZ domes for car park surveillance. The latest phase saw the installation of a Baxall matrix control system to provide a centralized security management facility in the Link Building capable of observing & controlling all cameras throughout the complex from a permanently manned location.

  • Client: Six Construct / Bahrain Government
  • Project: CCTV system for Shaikh Khalifa Marine Bridge (Hidd Causeway)
  • Year: 2003
  • Value: BD 30,000/-

Supply and installation of a CCTV surveillance system for this prestigious project linking Hidd to Manama via the existing Mina Salman port area. A total of eighteen cameras provide extensive coverage of accessible areas of the bridge and abutments to facilitate security monitoring. All cameras are connected back to a digital recording system using optical fiber cables to avoid potential interference from the high voltage cables running through the bridge utility corridors from the Hidd Power Station to primary substations in Manama.

  • Client: Ahli United Bank
  • Project: Integrated Security system for new Headquarters Building
  • Year: 2003/2004
  • Value: BD 67,000/-

Supply and installation of an Integrated Access Control, Intrusion Detection and CCTV surveillance system for this prestigious project in the Seef District. A total of forty-one color cameras, static and PTZ, provide extensive coverage of the building interior and exterior. All camera images are digitally recorded and may be viewed by suitably authorized personnel via the AUB intranet as well as live at the security operator’s console. An extensive access control system covering over fifty doors within the building complex uses proximity card readers, all transactions being reported back to the PC-based operator workstation at the security room. Integration between the access control system and CCTV system facilitates automatic call-up of static and PTZ cameras (with pre-set positioning) in response to alarm events and access transactions. Additional equipment provided within the overall project package included two sets of hydraulically-operated rising bollard barriers, one set of three at the customer carpark entrance and one set of two at the employee carpark / delivery entrance.

  • Client: The Constitutional Court
  • Project: CCTV system for Court Building
  • Year: 2005
  • Value: BD 9,000/-

Supply and installation of a CCTV surveillance system for this prestigious project in Manama District. A total of seventeen color cameras, static and PTZ, provide extensive coverage of the building interior including the courtroom itself. All camera images are digitally recorded and may be viewed by suitably authorized personnel via the Court’s intranet as well as live at the security operator’s console. Special attention had to be paid to the aesthetics of the installed system as well as the installation method in a historic building original parts of which used traditional 1930’s stone & mortar and rafter & matting construction techniques which made cable installation a challenging exercise. The work was completed within a very short (4 week) time frame dictated by the date of the official opening by HM the King.

  • Client: Arab Financial Services
  • Project: Security system for Headquarters Building
  • Year: 2005
  • Value: BD 27,000/-

An access control & CCTV installation at AFS Headquarters Building in Hoora, comprising 30 color cameras and access control for 30 doors. This is a high-security facility subject to regular security audits by Visa & MasterCard and requiring robust and reliable electronic security measures.

  • Client: Marks & Spencer
  • Project: CCTV system
  • Year: 2006/7
  • Value: BD 30,000/-

A major upgrade and extension of the CCTV system in Marks & Spencer’s flagship store at Seef Mall during its physical expansion to dramatically increase selling space. The existing analogue control and recording systems were replaced by a state-of-the-art switching matrix and digital recording system and the camera count expanded from under 30 to 67. The existing system had to be kept operational as the existing store was gutted and rebuilt in phases and finally expanded into the newly built extension. This challenging exercise was successfully completed in line with the building work and in time for the Grand Reopening.

  • Client: Shura Council / Parliament
  • Project: CCTV system, road blockers, search equipment
  • Year: 2007
  • Value: BD 125,000/-

Supply and installation of a 60-camera IP-based CCTV surveillance system covering the outer perimeter wall and main buildings within the Shura Council / Representative Council (Parliament) compound at Gudaibiya. Other equipment included in the project comprises four hydraulic vehicle blockers, X-Ray baggage screening machine, archway metal detectors and under-vehicle inspection apparatus. The project included all civil work for external duct installation and blocker foundations and was executed on a fully turn-key basis.

  • Client: Ministry of Works (New HQ at Hoora)
  • Project: CCTV & Fire Detection System
  • Year: 2008/2010
  • Value: BD 25,000/-

Supply and installation of an IP-based CCTV surveillance system covering the interior and exterior of the building and an 8-loop analogue-addressable Fire Detection System comprising in excess of 1,300 devices.

  • Client: Cavotec (ME)
  • Project: ELV Systems for Airport GSE Buildings
  • Year: 2010/2013
  • Value: BD 225,000/-

As part of the Bahrain International Airport ‘Ground Service Equipment for Remote Aircraft Aprons’ project, Arencon were responsible for supply, installation & commissioning of a number of ELV systems at the Central GSE Building and related ancillary (PCA) buildings at each aircraft stand, including a 4-loop Cooper Menvier Analogue Addressable Fire Detection System, a 13 door Cardax Access Control System and an extensive Remsdaq Ltd. Building Monitoring/SCADA System comprising 21 ’Callisto’ Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) connected in a redundant fiber-optic ring communications configuration and reporting to a 3,000 point ‘Celeste’ Master Station/HMI.

  • Client: St Christopher’s School
  • Project: CCTV system
  • Year: 2015
  • Value: BD 45,000/-

Supply and installation of a CCTV surveillance system for the Junior School campus at Saar and the Senior School campus at Isa Town. A state-of-the-art IP-based CCTV system has been installed at each campus to monitor the perimeter wall and all entrances to each site. The systems supplement the manned guard force and the centralized monitoring improves their ability to respond swiftly to any suspicious activity as well as providing recorded evidence to aid any subsequent investigation. The cameras and recording system are manufactured by Synectic Systems Ltd. of Sheffield and the ruggedized Ethernet Switches were supplied by AMG Systems Ltd. of Biggleswade. Both these companies provide cutting edge solutions principally for public sector and critical private sector applications in the UK and throughout the world.